Statement by the Heidelberg Group for Organization Studies (HeiGOS) on the presentation by Sérgio Moro on 9th December 2016

The Brazilian federal judge Sérgio Moro hold a public lecture “Corruption and law enforcement in Brazil: The Petrobras case” at the University of Heidelberg

Heidelberg, 12th December 2016 // The presentation by Sérgio Moro, the Brazilian federal judge, attracted about 400 guests. There were many Brazilians from other cities in Germany, from Switzerland and Austria in the audience. Mr. Moro’s speech was received with much approval as well as with protests. After his speech, the discussion was opened to the press and the public. Many questions were asked and critical comments were made, at the same time it was a very democratic event. The lecture was not disturbed and Sérgio Moro answered all questions within the given time frame.

We are glad for the Brazilians and those who are interested in Brazil, that they have been able to lead this conflict openly and without violence. Universities are excellent places to discuss critical issues peacefully. On the part of the organizers, there was no political statement attached and we are convinced that the event promoted the peaceful conflict. At the same time, Moro intensively discussed with us and our international guests – scientists from the USA, Australia, Italy, England, Brazil, Argentina, and China. Thus, the event was not only about Brazil, but rather related to a comparative perspective on criminal prosecutions in Italy, Argentina, the USA and Germany, with regard to cases of corruption. His lecture was relevant to our international guests, and so was the criticism that he received. In this view, it was a successful event, both scientifically and democratically.

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